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The Bright Side

Metal Me - Interview with Dr Stevil

Dr Stevil visits his secret lair in Windsor Ontario where his Number 2 is creating S.C.R.A.P.T.U.R.E.S. for world domination.

As Featured on Dr Stevil's Youtube channel.

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Scraptures Artist - Interview with Dr Stevil

Dr Stevil finds out the truth behind the Metal Art at Macdonalds Automotive in Windsor, Ontario.

As Featured on Dr Stevil's Youtube channel.

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Funky Mechanical Man

Peter Solly's Imaginative Muffler Sculptures.

As Featured in Windsor Life Magazine February/March 2012 Edition.

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Peter Solly calls his art "scrapture" - sculptures made of old mufflers and other scrap automotive parts.

Windsor Star Saturday June 19, 2010
WINDSOR, Ont. — Peter Solly started turning old mufflers into figurines last September because business at Macdonald's Automotive was slow.

It's a distant memory now that Solly is kept busy, finding scraps, welding and painting his creations as well as running a business.

"They've taken off like a bat out of hell," said Barbara Shaw, who runs the office.

Shaw said she gets 10 to 15 calls everyday from people who want to know how they can get their hands on their own "scrapture." Solly even invested in a voicemail system because the phone kept ringing on Sundays when Macdonald's is closed.

Right at the intersection of Howard Avenue and Eugenie Street East, drivers are often seen craning their necks to get a good look at the life-size sculptures.

Depending on the season, leprechauns, soccer players, Spitfires or fishermen can be seen on the the lawn outside the business.

"The nice thing is when you have a red light you can look around," said Rita Infanti, who drives by and admires the sculptures regularly.

"They're almost like little people."

Solly has made about 80 of his creations and they range between $100 and $500 for the more difficult custom-made orders.

He recently made one of an Austrian down hill skier, complete with a fluorescent jacket and made to look just like the athlete.

"He just about fell over when he saw it," Solly said.

Solly, who has never taken an art class, paints detailed features on each scrapture. He uses chains for ones with hair and spends about eight hours on each creation.

He's donated sculptures to the Legion to raffle off and to charities like the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. If a customer spends a lot fixing their vehicle, Solly's been known to kick in a free sculpture as well.

"I sell them cheap because I want people to have them and I want to get my name out there," Solly said. © Copyright (c) The Windsor Star

Read more: http://www.windsorstar.com/Windsor+turns+garbage+into/3180334/story.html#ixzz0sMyJwnax
WINDSOR, Ont. — Auto mechanic Peter Solly of MacDonald Automotive adjusts the hair of one of his Halloween creations on Howard Avenue Wednesday. With Halloween approaching, Solly gathered some scrap mufflers and pipes and sparked his torch. Before long, he created a spring man, a maid, a rock star, a cat and, naturally, a wicked witch. The artistic pieces of scrap have drawn lots of attention along Howard Avenue, with several of the pieces going home with customers.

The Windsor Star - October 31, 2009.